I Professor Daz started my first business in Arizona, in the year of 1973.

I then migrated to Huntington Beach California in the year of the bicentennial 1976 on April 23. Eventually I built up from 1 location to 6 locations in the Diamond, Gem and Gold Businesses in 1979 just before the Hunts silver market collapse on March 27, 1980.

Between 1980 and 1983 I continued to run my shops and look to the future and expand my options and experience.

In 1983 I opened an operation down in British Honduras Mining Gold Placers in the Amazonas. Being exposed to the jungle gave me the opportunity to eventually move down to Sao Paulo opening a business there that they maintain to this day.

As a result of these adventures in early 2000 I was known to have the largest Egyptian and Oddity Collection in the Southwest. However a large offer from Billy Jaimeson convinced me to sell my collection to the Niagara Museum.

After this I began to rebuild my collection and continue to to this day. I became an Antique Roadshow sponsor for a 4 year period which assisted me in amassing a respectable collection once again.