1. Use Selling to us button to email us photos and descriptions of items you seek to sell. If we are interested we will reply to you and schedule an appointment.

2. Use Appraisals button if you wish to scheduled an appointment. An appraisal fee of $60 is charged upon arrival for appointment. We appraise items on Tuesday thru Saturday, from 11am to 4pm.

3. Use Sales Question button to inquire about more details about an item. Please have the item # or catalog # of the item included in your email. You may also use this for requesting an appointment for repairs, restorations, alterations and custom jewelry or creative oddities. Stanley will contact you soon as he can.

4. Use Shipment Info button to check on your order or change details about your order. All returns or canceled orders will result in a 20% restock fee. Dee Dee will reply yo you as soon as possible.

5. Use the Ask Mythos button to inquire about an item you seek and do not see posted on the online shop. Mythos will check our warehouses to see if we have what you seek.

6. Use the Return to Menu button to return to the main menu page. This will allow you to navigate to another area of our website. Thank you for your time and interest. Have a wonderful day.